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Application advertising, advertising within web applications and especially at the social web, is an internet marketing trend. This is true for the web as well as for the mobile internet, which has already been a subject here.

Buddy Media, a full service application advertising company, has released a report, where banner advertising and application advertising has been compared. Additionally a calculator for the comparison of the effectiveness of banner and application advertising is supplied.

Social Math: The Economic Case for Branded Applications

AdParlor is a social media advertising service offering both banner advertising at social networks and application advertising services. The appvertising model uses a virtual currency, which may be used for incentives and customer retention.

The appvertising service Offerpal Media supplies a commerce platform to developers of social media applications and games, which may become integrated into social media applications. The targeting may happen by conventional methods or by social media profiles. Payments happen according to common media currencies like cpm or cpa etc.. Offerpal, too, supplies a virtual currency, which may be used for incentives or within games.

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