Framework to easily create Browser Add Ons

The Mozilla Labs, part of the Mozilla Foundation well known for the Firefox browser, has introduced a framework for the easy creation of browser add ons. This framework enables the creation of browser add ons without comprehensive programming knowledge by using web standards like html, css and javascript. This is an interesting application as well as an interesting step in a time, that enables everyone to use or easily create social media applications to manage an own community website. Too, this is remarkable, because of the growing popularity of the Firefox browser.

The framework is called Jetpack and is located at a Mozilla Labs homepage. It works by an api of the Firefox browser. All parts of the package are open source. The up to date version has been introduced as a pre release and is available to programers and for testing. But there are already a couple of applications and demos available at the project homepage. Further information is located at the Moziall Labs Jetpack homepage. In the following there is a video introduction.

Mozilla Labs Jetpack – Intro & Tutorial from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.

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