Demographic Website Analysis and Behavioral Targeting

Navegg is a new service offering demographic analysis of the website audience. Demographic analysis is a trend topic primarily reasoned by new targeting opportunities by social graphs produced at the social web. Navegg is an innovative service with a different approach, which is in private beta actually.

Navegg is using a proprietary network to identify demographic data, which is based on participating websites. These websites do gather data of the users by a simple to install code, which is a common method nowadays. This data is used to build a pool, which is the basis for the demographic analysis of website visitors.

The analysis and the provision of data happens in realtime. The data is delivered by an api and may be used for targeting at a website. Possible usages are behavioral targeting or personalized content. Too, the api may be used for the integration of other third party services and to develop own applications.

Further information and a documentation of the api as well as a contact form for the possible participation are available at the Navegg homepage.

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