The Search Engine Bing and Google Wave

Nearly at the same time Google and Microsoft have announced or introduced new promising products. Who is aware about the value of public relations probably does not think about happenings by chance.

Bing is the name of the new search engine by Microsoft. The first view is surprising, because of a nice image. The image, which contains interactive elements, is already the start of the innovative parts. But further innovative features are not available till the search engine results pages, which is rather disappointing. The search engine results pages have some great and useful features like previews of the content of websites (which has been observed yesterday, but not today) and a menu with clusters to narrow results according to the intention of a search query. Furthermore the results may become filtered by enhanced search functions. Illogically within the menu of the clusters at the left, too, there are particular links directly referring to companies or services.

Really astonishing for a new search egine product is the complete absence of social media and social networking components. This might be in accordance with the Microsoft product policy, but it is rather a failure regarding general trends. Too, the attempt to enthuse users with just one image seems to be daring. At all and like it has been readable at other online publications Bing beside some new features is most equal to the former search engine called Live.

Completely different is the project Wave by Google, which is intended to enable networking and collaboration. Google Wave is still in the development phase, but has been introduced by video and is supported by various official sources for developers.

Google seems to aim to create some great things and does meet the spirit of the times. The search engine probably will remain the most popular service to find information. In the case of communications Microsoft may score with application like the messenger (real numbers are not available at this place), but the introduced Google tools are clearly in the trend.

About Google Wave in the following there are choosen articles with information, Google Wave resources and the video.

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Directory Sources: Search Engine InnovationsSocial Networking

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