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Internet content at tv for now mostly consists of video projects with „funny videos“ or contests with user generated videos. Now some rumours happened about a tv show with content by the microblogging service Twitter. There have been news from Hollywood, that Twitter is working on an own tv format. Whereas this has been denied, it is true that a couple of media companies are working on formats using content by Twitter and at least in one case a contract has been signed.

Twitter Responds: There is No Official Twitter TV Show

The following article contains some examples on how the relationship of mainstream media and internet services respectively social media services has changed. Whereas formerly internet services have become popular by tv news, now internet services are influencing tv content.

How Social Media is Changing the Late Night TV Landscape

YouTube meanwhile has released a particular page optimzed to be viewed on tv screens. YouTube XL may be viewed by using a common browser. YouTube XL has a more simple navigation and a menu introducing the most popular and best rated videos.

Adobe has communicated by a press release, that the flash format will become integrated into diverse home entertainment devices like set top boxes and, too, mobile phones. This is another step towards the convergence of internet and television. Because of the reach of the flash format, this will enable a more cost effective production and distribution of video.

Silicon, OEM, Cable and Content Partners Embrace Adobe Flash Platform for Televisions, Set-Top Boxes and Blu-Ray Players

Similar effects on interoperability and media convergence are expected by the new HTML 5 internet standard. New elements of this HTML version will enable to start web applications and video within an HTML file and without the need to install proprietary software on the client side.


HTML5: A vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML

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