Website Optimization and Personalization

Amadesa has launched a webbased website optimization and personalization service. The service is dedicated to improve the website performance and engagement to increase sales or improve other conversion targets.

The service provides a complete marketing suite for website optimization, which includes several modules. Amadesa enables testing and includes tools to improve the overall performance by personalization. This process starts with web metrics, which include advanced features like behavioral analytics to analyse various kind of web traffic generated by different marketing campaigns or natural search engine traffic. Based on this analytics the service automaticly creates personalized landing pages according to the audience or target groups.

The personalization happens by a proprietary recommendation system called RecommendR, which uses templates, other website functions and related content. Too, the shopping experience itself and the check out process are personalized by a module called PageLift. Further information is available at the Amadesa homepage.

Directory Sources: Web Metrics, Tracking

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