Marketing Review of the Directory Update in July

The directory update July contains the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Payment and Digital Media Innovations. Below follows a brief analysis of trends and new applications.

Internet Marketing and Advertising

Sentiment analytics within the reach of social media and news monitoring in the reach of reputation management and social media marketing as well as the analysis of website visitors by behavioral and demographic analytics to optimize and improve website inventories on the publishing side and, too, the exchange of such data have to be named as the most important innovations this month. This development is in accordance to the need of improved data on the side of advertisers and on the other side in accordance with the technological development, which reflects the availability of such data at the social web by social graphs. By this web metrics are a mean topic similar to last month, which significantly presents web metrics as a growth market. The update contains the services already introduced this month at the blog and further advanced web metrics services, services for on page optimization as well as other internet marketing services.

Update July: Internet Marketing and Advertising

Online Payment

The online payment market is in motion. There are new services for the web and especially the mobile internet. Some aim to enter the market with proven business models, others with new concepts. Furthermore there are a couple of projects introducing alternative money or even economical schemes.

On the web exemplarily Cred-Ex with online shopping credits, Payoneer as a global payment system and Twitpay as an alternate payment system using the microblogging service Twitter may be named.

Especially the ongoing development of the mobile internet leads to the market entry of new payment systems. Here the same things mentioned above are true. There are new global active services and new concepts like EBPP (eBilling) for mobile phones. One most interesting thing of mobile payment systems is the option to use such means as alternate payment system on the web, which makes sense regarding the trust in mobile systems. By this the web and the mobile internet are drawing nearer, which is true, too, for some payment systems. So there is Zong, a solution enabling payments within mobile applications. Furthermore mobile phones have some unique facilities like NFC, Near Field Communications. In this reach VIVOtech offers solutions.

New activities have been initiated by established publishing companies, which are most affected by the changes of the media landscape and which in part are in a crisis. To solve these problems publishers are looking for new business models. The project Journalism Online is dedicated to find new ways to enable paid content and The Information Valet Project aims to combine premium content with new advertising business models.

A step further do look some projects, which are listed at innovations. These projects aim to establish new money or even new economical schemes. These approaches do range from easy understandable virtual currencies to the complex idea of alternate open economical systems.

The preconditions for such new economical systems are the technological infrastucture just like it happens elsewhere, e.g. the distribution of media and news, which enables the distribution without the need of intermediaries. The advantages shown within presentations of the project homepages are not easy to understand. Exemplarily open data and the open development of interest rates between market participants are mentioned (The Metacurrency Project). But it makes sense to think about the availability of money without the need of intermediaries, which e.g. would led to lower interest rates. Open data in such a case might be used to evaluate risks. Another project (Threebles) additionally is contemplating the integration of further parameters like ecological or social factors to accumulate values. Whereas there are already pilot projects the realization of such systems sounds utopian. But regulators have already been flexible regarding the definition of money institutes in relationship to the internet economy formerly.

Update July: Online Payment

Media Innovations and Home Entertainment

This rubric includes information services, internet tv and video services as well as online media centers and media center computers and computing innovations. At home networking and car media as well as iptv and itv new solutions are presented. Interestingly providers of iptv and itv solution are offering applications, which do reflect the state of the art at the internet. These solutions do include media show rooms and live video features with chat.

Update July: Media Innovations, Home Entertainment

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