W3C Working Group on Device Interfaces

The W3C has launched a new working group dedicated to device api’s. The task of the „Device APIs and Policy Working Group“ is the development of standards, which enable the interaction between device specific applications (e.g. calendars or cameras on mobile phones) and web applications and widgets. To follow the progress of this working group there is a particular public mailing list available. Further information about this working group is available by the following links.

Device APIs and Policy Working Group Charter

Device APIs and Policy Working Group

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  1. Hi, Its a nice information putting by you. But, i want to know something more about this topic & how will it help of people.

  2. Hi. Whereas this working group is in an early stage and the outcome unclear I suppose, that the results of this group will ease the way people use web applications on their mobile phones. Exemplarily in the case of calendars this might be automated synchronization and in the case of phone cameras an easier way to publish photos and videos on the web without the need to use email on the phone or mms messaging.

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