Social Media in the Enterprise and Internet Marketing

Two new studies on the usefulness of social networking applications in the enterprise and planned marketing activities have been released.

The McKinsey Quarterly introduced the results of a global study on the usefulness of social media applications applied within business processes and marketing. The results are throughout positive and even better by the grade of usage. Above two third of the companies have measurable results like lower costs, improved marketing, better access to information and knowledge and a higher degree of innovative products.

How companies are benefiting from Web 2.0: McKinsey Global Survey Results

MediaPost Publications has released the 2010 Media Planning Intelligence Study, which has been conducted by the Center for Media Research (a department of MediaPost) in conjunction with InsightExpress. The study is showing the importance of digital media for marketing at all and especially the importance of social media marketing.

Study Finds Social Nets ‚Realistically‘ Near Top Of 2010 Media Buying Plans

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