Acceptance of Social Media Marketing

The study on the acceptance of social media marketing mentioned at the press release below gives an insight into the means used today for direct marketing. At the same time the title gives reason to an interesting question: Do users provide their social media data to be contacted and to receive advertising and company information likewise email addresses?

The study by Pontiflex and Harris Interactive surveyed the acceptance regarding the information supplied by users for the purpose to be contacted by enterprises. The result shows that 96 % of users name their email addresses but only 12 % name a social networking connection. This is consistent for all age groups. But it needs to be questioned whether this is a matter of habits or because of a possible sensibility as well as because of the rather new social networking opportunities.

Further results of the study are a positive attitude regarding opt in advertising, which makes email marketing a good mean to start building connections within social networks.

Pontiflex Survey Shows Only 12% of Online Adults Are Willing to Provide Social Media Information to Marketers

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