How Social Media impacts Real Life

Two studies have researched the impact of social media on real life and interestingly both have most similar results. Computerization for long has been suspected to foster isolation. Whether the opposite is a common result of both studies, some critical issues have been found.

The study by Euro RSCG Worldwide has found, that people do connect in new ways and do use media to strengthen their existing relationships. Furthermore people access more information and become more involved in social activities. Too, information filtering and hyperlocal information is a trend. Misbehavior has been experienced as a negative impact.

SocNet Users Enhance Relationships, Lose Inhibitions

Too, the study by PEW Internet is stating new ways to communicate and to socialize. At the same time traditional relationships within neighborhoods and the like do weaken. Whereas the latter is a general trend in the US society, it might be advanced by new means of communications. Relationships caused by new media are more diverse in topics and regions but less strong.
Social Isolation and New Technology

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