Dailymotion cooperates with VideoClix for Interactive Video

Dailymotion, the second largest internet video community worldwide, has announced a cooperation with VideoClix, an interactive video solution provider. The partners will bring interactive video to the Dailymotion community.

Interactive video is already popular. It is utilized on YouTube by the ability to add comments and links into a video and by a couple of smaller video communities. But the approach of the partnership is going beyond. Dailymotion and VideoClix will introduce interactive in video advertising. This happens by adding clickability to things shown within videos, e.g. apparel or fashion accessories. A click onto such an interactive element may refer to additional information or directly to a shopping site.

This may change video advertising once again. The technology needs to be described as solid as such solutions are already available for some time. It even wonders, why it had not happened earlier as the acceptance of typical and already conventional online video advertising is controversially discussed.

Below is the press release announcing the partnership.

Dailymotion and VideoClix Join Forces to Bring Clickable Video to the Masses

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