Internet Advertising within Realtime News Streams

The realtime social media search engine OneRiot (a brief review of OneRiot) has announced a new feature of its RiotWise advertising system. This new feature is called Trending Ads and has been introduced at the OneRiot blog lately.

RiotWise Trending Ads do enable to place ads within the realtime streams of news. By this the ads are most relevant to up to date news and let expect high click through rates. Furthermore the target group of people consuming up to date news is most interesting of course. Too the new advertising feature is available to developers by the OneRiot API.

Get further information about the OneRiot advertising system at all and the new features in particular by the following blog posts.

Introduction to RiotWise, the OneRiot advertising system
Welcome to RiotWise

Introduction to RiotWise Trending Ads
Monetizing the Realtime Web

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