Official Twitter Developer Conference

Biz Stone, co founder of Twitter, has sent out an official newsletter with a couple of up to date information. The most important information without doubt is the announcement of the first ever official Twitter Developer Conference, which is called Chirp and which will happen during 14th to 15 th April in San Francisco. It also has been announced that the most vibrant developer community already created above 70000 registered applications. Additionally the company has launched a particular website lately listing its open source activities located at Twitter Open Source.

Too, the company has grown. The official growth of accounts is 1500 % during the last year and the number of people employed has grown 500 % with a dance party celebrating the 140 th employee.

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  1. My twitter marketing tip: Tweet Nonsense – This sounds crazy, but hear me out. People hit up Twitter to chill and catch up with news. People don’t go on Twitter to do business, at least not deliberately. Hit their funny bone and they’ll respond by noticing you.

  2. It’s good to see a great post written about Twitter plus social networking every once in a while. Thanks for an excellent read!

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