Allocation of Online Advertising Spendings

An up to date study by the internet marketing agency Razorfish is giving insights into the allocation of online advertising spendings. It is rather astonishing that the largest proportion of 30 % descends to vertical services followed by search engines and directories, ad networks and portals. These services are described by the term established online media opposed to new media services, which include new forms of online advertising and marketing services. These new media services comprise social media advertising, data broker and advertising exchanges with an up to date market share of just 5 % together.

Despite of these figures these services described by new media have to be seen as a trend, because of an expected improved performance stimulated by investments. Last but not least a lack of means to measure social media ad spendings is mentioned, which is caused by the particularity of social media advertising often happening by a direct dialog with influencers and bloggers.

Digital Media Spend Remains Traditionally Focused

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