Realtime Keyword Tracking and Monitoring of Feeds

Superfeedr, a feed parsing service enabling to distribute feed content in realtime, has launched a realtime keyword tracking and monitoring service. Superfeedr’s Track enables the tracking of keywords within the more than two million feeds relying on the service. This includes services like the blogging service Six Apart, the microblogging service Tumblr, the location based service Gowalla as well as popular publications like the Huffington Post.

According to the blog post the monitoring of any keyword simply happens by using an url like For some reasons this has not worked while testing (might it be a misunderstanding or a temporary outtime). But services already developed by using the new api interface are impressive. An easy insight into the possibilities is given by RSSfall, which displays a stream of news by submitting a keyword.

Further examples and information about the service are available by the blog post about the launch of Superfeedr’s Track.

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