Search Engine Optimization and Online Visibility

Search engine marketing is known as an essential internet marketing instrument. But because of the popularity of social media services, social media marketing has become a most important online marketing instrument, too. Both kind of underlying services, search engines and social media services, are known as access points to information and facilities of communications. Additionally today exist further platforms of special interest, which have a broad reach and which are important to users and visitors interested in these topics. This development, which happened within the last couple of years, requires a new stategy beyond getting top positions within search engines. This strategy is called online visibility and describes a broad presence on various kinds of online platforms.

This approach is described by the expert publiction Science for SEO, which is specialized in search engine optimization. According to the article below tasks on online visibility might be new tasks to search engine marketers. Whereas this of course might be a case of the organization and structure of a company it shows the shiftings which happened and happen and the importance of the platforms arosen lately. Of general interest are the various skills described as required by online marketers today, which do range from search engine marketing and optimization still being essential parts over social media marketing to the research of new trends.

The new SEO: Visibility Strategist

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