Artificial Intelligence used to create Ad Media 1

Artificial Intelligence as a technology is universal like most technologies and may be used for most different purposes. The most popular examples are robots and in the online world avatars or chat bots. The advertising agency Euro RSCG has developed the first software using artificial intelligence to create advertising media. The software called Creative Artificial Intelligence (CAI) developes the ad media by the allegation of various parameters and does the creative work itself. Parameters may be product characteristics, demographic data or target groups and the intention of the ad media to be used for branding or to improve sales and the like. The application provides three suggestions based on about 200000 submittals.

Tests done while a demonstration have shown, that the software does not create leading work, but that the output is equal to the everyday work of agencies. To interpret this observation remains open. But by the view point of an abc analysis, the approach to automate everyday work makes sense. Such tasks are done in seconds by the software. This news has been published within a german spoken article. If you are able to read it or like to translate it, you may access it below.

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