Behavioural Targeting within the Social Graph

RadiumOne is a new advertising network, which combines behavioral targeting with data of social graphs. By these data out of the social web campaigns may become optimized. RadiumOne creates cluster out of such data and enables to reach groups of people with similar interests. The data becomes available by cooperations with comScore Top 500 Properties and blogs, url shorteners and media sharing sites. Remarkably no Facebook data is used, which according to the product description is not evaluated as relevant enough. This might be because of the strong presence of companies within Facebook.

The ad network is active on the web and the mobile internet. It provides various advertising format from standard banners to video advertising. Further information for advertises is available at the product description of the advertising network, information for publisher is available at the site publisher network. Further information is available by the following article and at the RadiumOne homepage.

gWallet Founder Launches Social Data-Driven Ad Network

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