Social Media Data, Trend Research and Online Advertising

The use of internet data gathered out of the social web or by search engines for the purpose of predictions and trend research has already been proven by several cases, but up to now mostly or at all by scientific research. Now Taykey has launched a commercial solution, which is aimed to improve and optimize advertising campaigns.

Taykey uses algorithms to analyze trends on the internet, which become discovered by analyzing data gathered at the social web. The service analyzes the communications and activity on social networks and other social media sites including popular blogs. The degree of communications about particular topics is used as an indicator of an upcoming trend. This method not only is able to supersede conventional research but even speeds up the availability of trend research up to realtime in the case of Taykey. Advertisers may use the data immediately and are able to set up campaigns with relevant data reflecting the buzz on the internet. Furthermore such data is made available for particular target groups, TechCrunch reports. To get further information read the article below and visit the Taykey homepage.

Forget Realtime, Sequoia-Funded Taykey Shoots For Pre-Time

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