The Impact of Online Advertising on Branding and Purchases

comScore and iProspect have published the results of a conjoint study on the impact of various online advertising channels on branding and purchasing during the shopping process of consumers. The surveyed channels have been organic and paid search engine marketing and display advertising. The survey has found a significant lift in awareness of brands for all advertising channels in general and an even greater lift by being exposed to a combination two and all channels. This is making clear, that consumers are most sensitive regarding brand exposure during the buying process. Another interesting finding is the different degree of sensibility in different vertical product groups. Exemplarily there is an average brand lift of 73 % to the combination of organic and paid search results, which 147 % in the hotel vertical. For further information you may access the article and download the study below.

Brand Values Impacted Significantly by Blended Online Ad Channels

Real Branding Implications of Digital Media – an SEM, SEO, & Online Display Advertising Study

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