Mobile Advertising outperforms Online Advertising on the Web

An up to date study by Insight Express sees a higher effiency in mobile advertising than in online advertising on the web. This may suggest being a case of the state of the art and curiosity. But even thinking about being just the beginning of the adaption of smartphones for now it is interesting, that new advertising options connected to smartphones are increasing the efficiency again opposed to show signs of a wearout of the factor of innovation of mobile ads. Conversely the gap of the ad efficiency between mobile advertising and web advertising is becoming tighter as online advertising means on the web become improved by new and better targeting methods and the like. The latter might be a good reason to the performance of mobile advertising, which is high personalizable.

The basis of the study are data of the time span between November 2007 and December 2010. The higher efficiency of mobile advertising is due to all important indicators from the awareness to the purchase intent. More data and a comparison of the indicators for mobile advertising and online advertising on the web are provided by the following article.

Study: Mobile Ad Metrics Still Outpace Online

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