Internet Marketing Review February

The directory update February contains the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Social Marketing and Internet Software. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Early studies about the information society (Zukunft Multimedia (Future of Multimedia) by Booz, Allen & Hamilton) already claimed, that software solutions and strategic approaches will follow the development of the infrastructe at the end of the value-added chain. This point seems to be reached and is reflected by the current development. The infrastructure now is available by broadband, mobile internet and interactive television and high qualitative applications like realtime internet and social networking as well as innovative concepts become more important. Significantly in this context is the decrease of email use as stated in an up to date study in favor of up to date means of communications, which by the way is going along with decreasing email marketing prices.

Beside the ongoing development of the social media boom some innovative concepts are listed in the update. These are the gamification concept aiming to transfer the gaming approach to other areas, the already introduced service Kabbage with its innovative concept to get working capital for online businesses based on tracking and forecasting, Augme, a new provider of an augmented reality solution, and Transmedia Storyteller (s. review) with its cross media solution for interactive content and publishing. Furthermore tv interfaces of internet video portals and internet radio services are to be metioned in this context.

Going along with this evolutionary development is the current demand on optimization as well as online market research with the latter being especially due to social web research. Regarding optimization IgnitAd has been launched, a service enabling publishers to auction off ad inventory on various online advertising exchanges to get best prices.

Update February: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Social Marketing

Social marketing today is often used synonymously to social media marketing, but used in the context of social engagement here. Nevertheless there are indeed some blurring points like reputation management or public relations with the latter coming most close to social media marketing by social media releases.

Regarding social marketing in particular numerous platforms have been established including rebated shopping sites passing on the rebates to good causes or search engines described as environmentally friendly. Innovations in this reach are a couple of communities and specialized business networks to discuss projects and strategies.

Update February: Social Marketing

Internet Software, Business Solutions and Software Development

Software is an it topic firmly connected to the internet, but is software still a popular topic in the era of applications being available on demand and online? Keyword statistics still do confirm a current high demand, which especially includes up to date topics like audio and video software. On the other side nearly for every purpose online applications are available today, a trend being accelerated by cloud computing. Regarding software there are a couple of new software directories of general interest and specialized on business software listed at the update, but the larger amount of online applications leads to another direction. This is especially due to software development, which, if it happens on cloud computing and paas platforms, again will accelerate the trend toward online applications. So the question at the beginning may have to be approved regarding the intention, software in the sense of download or to fulfill tasks.

Update February: Internet Software, Business Solutions and Software Development

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