360°lab launched to explore 360 Degree Video

360°lab is an initiative to explore the possibilities of 360 degree video. The just founded group is based in Germany and had its initial meeting in Babelsberg, a historical place where film has been invented at least in part, the Babelsberg Studios in Potsdam near Berlin.

The initiative is dedicated to recording, projection and screening technologies as well as content production and marketing. Furthermore the lab aims to develop a holistic experience by integrating olfactory and haptic elements.

This of course will become interesting and probably will lead to future technologies used in various ways. 360 degree video too is a topic within the online video world. For instance there is Immersive Media providing a complete solution to record and play 360 degree video and to navigate through the content. Lately a band has published a 360 degree music video, which uses html5 (this require Chrome or Safari and may take some time to load): Craig Wedren.

For further information about the launch of the 360°lab read the press release below.

Successful kick-off for the 360°lab

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