The Social Graph as a Shopping Trend

The own social graph to social media users is of increasing importance to get shopping related information about products and services. This is the result of an up to date study regarding social media and shopping by the trend researchers of

The results, which are titled „The F-Factor“, state a growing use of trusted resources to research and buy products. The F in the title means friends, fan and followers as part of the social graph. Furthermore the study found that this typical behaviour already known from the offline world is strengthening in the online world by available technological means. has found various cases typical to shopping in general either relevant to a whole purchase or buying processes. There is f-discovery related to spontaneous purchases and f-rated as well as f-feedback related to more rational buying decisions based on recommendations and experiences. Further trends are f-together related to the popular group buying and f-me related to the personalization of information.

Consumers Tap into „F-Factor“

The F-Factor

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