Some further Facebook Marketing Information

Online Marketing with and on Facebook of course is hot and here is some further Facebook marketing information following the introduction of the official Facebook marketing guide and Facebook Studio.

The first information is about the EdgeRank, the algorithm Facebook uses to rank messages within news streams. Whereas the ranking algorithm is a secret like it happens to the ranking algorithm of Google, the article below has a narrowing mathematical formula on how items are ranked and explains the included factors. An alternate to experiment and trying to meet the criteria might be the content optimization and competitive intelligence suite by ContentAide.

EdgeRank: How Facebook Determines What Appears in the News Feed

Another tool to examine the influence of activities at the social network is the analytics suite Facebook Insights provided by the network itself (only accessible to members). The article below compares Google Analytics and Facebook Insights and found advantages to both analytics applications. Whereas Google Analytics is able to count the visitors arrived from Facebook, only Facebook Insights can tell how often the content has been visited and how it has been valued by visitors.

Tracking website stats with Facebook Insights

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