Engagement and Social Commerce Solutions

extole is providing social media marketing solutions combining engagement and social commerce. There are two products offered, which both lead to sales by referrals.

The first one is called Refer a Friend, a term already well known from the web at all. The solution by extole is made to meet the requirements of the social web and social networks. With this program people are able to recommend things across various social networks and to earn commissions. It is a word of mouth marketing tool provided as a fully branded and hosted application with tracking capabilities.

The other solution is a hosted and brandable sweepstake application. The Social Builder becomes installed on Facebook Pages and works as a viral tool. People are able to join and to refer the app to others. By comprehensive tracking tools this app is giving deep insights into the customer base.

To get some further information read the article What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Extole.

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