Market Shares of Social Sharing

ShareThis, best known for its social sharing solution to be integrated into websites and meanwhile as well active in the other business segments ad targeting and statistik services, has published a study about market shares of social sharing created in cooperation with Starcom MediaVest Group.

As to be expected the social network Facebook is the most important service, but a closer view gives some further interesting insights. Despite of Facebook being the largest network, the market share of social sharing is 38 % as measured by ShareThis on the web, which might be seen as large or the smaller part. Indeed a larger part of people do use other means to share content with 11 % using Twitter, 17 % email and 34 % other services like blogs and bookmarking services.

Some further interesting figures and insights into sharing schemes are provided by the article and the press release below. For instance 10 % of website traffic now is generated by shared content and even 31 % of referral traffic.

ShareThis Study: Facebook Accounts For 38 Percent Of Sharing Traffic On The Web

ShareThis and Starcom MediaVest Group Collaborate to Release First Comprehensive Study on Sharing

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