Internet Marketing Review September

The internet marketing review and directory update September includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Market Research and Online Shopping. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

A lag of new services in the summer season like mentioned in the August marketing update is a nice header in such times but an interesting fact at the same time. This is remarkable as this month is full of new services probably at least in part reasoned by the upcoming shopping season. After some particular new services in the last month now trend topics like personalization and targeting, social media marketing and internet video again are obvious.

The trends of personalization and targeting are firmly connected and do happen on the web as well as on websites by on page targeting and integration of relevant technologies. In the reach of online advertising the services Atosho with its semantic targeting and the new media format MicroShops as well as Collective, another service providing audience targeting, have to be mentioned. The trend on personalization along with optimization of inventory is served by Monetate and Newstogram. Furthermore the already introduced Flite is serving these needs by the new concept of cloud based advertising delivering a whole bundle of solutions made available to advertisers, agencies as well as publishers.

Also within vertical markets and rich media targeting becomes an issue. Here Bildero and Stipple have introduced solutions for images and photos and iQU Solutions is serving the special needs of game marketing and in game advertising.

A lot happens again in the internet video market, where regarding targeting Affine Systems has introduced contextual video advertising based on the classification of videos. Beside new services to monetize and distribute online video like Auditude, Cent2Cent and DBG two new services are serving the needs of the user generated video segment. There are the already introduced Panovax with its online marketplace to match advertisers and user generated video and VideoGenie with its solutions to realize and manage user generated video campaigns.

Social media marketing including business networking and crowd sourcing and especially crowd funding has to be named of course. At social media marketing a couple of new marketing management and social media analytics services are listed with InsideView again serving the topic targeting by its social intelligence and social commerce solution. The demand of tools to measure social media campaigns is served by SocMetrics and its roi calculation and campaign management suite. Another interesting topic are profile services to represent business and media professionals like allyou and and reputation management provided by Honestly.

Update September: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Market Research, Data Services and Social Media Analytics

A current problem of online market reseach and market research at all is the processing of the large amounts of data available today. By this online market research seems to be predestinated for the innovative concept of cloud computing and the providing of infrastructure. As already mentioned in a former update on online market research there is a growing amount of services providing facilities to process data online, which additionally are equipped with sharing functions and options to cooperate with others like it is already known by common practice in b2b marketing, to share data and to provide documents. Concrete for the data management and sharing provided by, daytum, Opani and ScraperWiki four new services have been recognized. This rationalization in processing data also happens in the reach of web metrics by providing data dashboards to aggregate web data like it is provided by Leftronic and Metricly. Especially in the reach of business intelligence there are GoodData and QuBit Products. On social media marketing the mentioned ongoing growth has to be supplemented by services specializing in particular social commerce segments like CoverCake or Chartbeat.

Update September: Online Market Research, Data Services and Social Media Analytics

Online Shopping and Trade

Online shopping without doubt has a growing acceptance as consumers seek information online about products and online shopping becoming a matter of course. There are shopping services coming up specializing and especially services serving the particular needs of information and the demand of deals. Online shopping furthermore has its own appearance of media convergence by services providing information about local and regional deals and stores.

Update September: Online Shopping and Trade

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