Amazon launches a Web Browser

Some month ago Facebook has been in the headlines by investing in the browser business by supporting the RockMelt browser and the article at this blog discussing this issue was titled The Browser Business heats up. This headline now become even more current as Amazon has launched an own browser.

This browser is called Silk and up to now just installed on Amazon’s own tablet computers and ereaders, but it is a step into this direction and at least it does replace other browsers. Amazon says the browser has been created to optimize the performance between the tablets and content located at its own cloud service EC2. At all the performance has been astonishing, Mashable writes in its review. Furthermore Silk to browsers is using a new technology, predictive analytics and machine learning. This technology is used to forecast the user behaviour and may be compared to a Chrome feature introduced in June, which prerenders websites to speed up load time of websites searched for. For further information view the introductory video below and visit the homepage of Amazon Silk

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