Internet Marketing Review October

The internet marketing review and directory update October includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Digital Media and Search Engines. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The current internet marketing update is characterized by particular innovations following the general requirements of rationalization as well as the particular requirements of different channels. These channels are mobile marketing and becoming more important for the first time interactive tv. At the same time the already mentioned trend towards rich media is present and does come up with new accents.

The topic rationalization is represented along the whole value chain of online advertising, which includes the gathering of data followed by processing the large amount of available data to improve the targeting and to reach customers, tageting methods themselves and last but not least the controlling of delivered media units. The latter is an issue served by adometry, a company already at the market for some time. It is significantly that the company lately introduced a new service dedicated to optimize cross media campaigns.

According to the ongoing development, fostered also by the unique html5 standard combining the web and mobile internet, the same technologies now become applied the the different and now at least technologically less different channels. Regarding the update this concerns targeting and retargeting based on behavioral advertising. For the web this is adroll with its retargeting solution and for the mobile internet it is Apsalar with behavioral targeting and mobile engagement.

To go on to rich media one may define the term, which is used at this blog and directory at various occasions to describe particular media and means being beyond text and images. A brief research at Wikipedia refers to the term interactive media used synonymously. At all the term comprises variety, which regarding innovations may concern single protagonists. At the update under this terms the already introduced first ad exchange for smart tv applications and content AdRise, the augmented reality applications Aurasma, a ar browser including developer community introduced here, and the ar marketing application Blippar as well as the game sponsoring service Spawnsor are listed with the latter going along with the mobile game marketing service playhaven, which again refers to the mobile marketing segment.

At all belonging to rich media do internet video and social media. Who in the case of video has a problem with the definition beyond enrichment of websites may find a relationship by the interactive features of Wonderlandmovies or Wibbitz being a facilitator for participatory media and enabling the easy creation of video by offering text 2 video conversions. The state of the art of internet video is represented by WeVideo, a new online video editor out of the cloud supporting most video formats, online collaboration and last but not least the sharing of created video.

Social media marketing services of course are part of the update, with social media, to get the context to rich media again, and its various features available to users and the dynamic applications interacting with each other being the most interactive media of today. Dynamics and stream are the terms to describe the online advertising format appssavvy provides, which is in stream advertising.

Rationalization again is represented by various analytics services and in the reach of social media marketing quasi and by Social Business Index (s. review) proverbially omnipresent. Particular analytics services to be named are EdgeRank Checker with Facebook analytics and two new services for reputation management and personal analytics,, a discovery and recommendation service for private and company profiles, and Kred, which will start this month.

Last but not least a hint to website analytics and optimization services listed under search engine marketing and to services serving online publishers in particular. Beside the already introduced web analytics service NewsCurve introduced here the Facebook marketing service Odyl is providing services optimized for publishers.

Update October: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Digital Media and Media Innovations

In the case of media innovations the most important products introduced at the IFA trade fair lately, smart tv and app development for smart tv devices and 3d tv without the need of specs, have been introduced already within the article Panasonic launches Developer Portal for TV Apps and other Smart TV Trends. Quasi sensational by enabling the participation in interactive television by providing content and giving access to millions of viewers of course is the interface to develop smart tv apps, which has been introduced in the case of Panasonic by the Viera Connect Developers portal within the article mentioned above. To be added are similar services by Samsung, the Samsung Apps portal also with information for developers, and Toshiba Places by Toshiba, but with no particular information provided to developers being found in the latter case.

Too, the topic 3d is represented again at the update, but by 3d software solutions and not devices. The solutions and X3DOM both are described as easy to handle and in the case of X3DOM as a solution with an intuitive interface enabling everybody to create 3d graphics or objects.

Connectivity is another big topic regarding home automation and networking. To describe the variety of connectivity at its best one may refer to the LG Smart Refrigerator, which is able to display stored food and to send messages to its owner e.g. doing shopping. Another exciting innovation has been introduced by Toshiba again. The new range of Toshiba FlashAir SD Cards is equipped with a WiFi unit enabling to send media without the need of a further intermediary device. But information about the market entry of this product and availability for now are not known at this place.

Update October: Digital Media and Media Innovations

Search Engines and Search Engine Solutions

The update on search engines lists both search engines and directories and search engine solutions provided for different purposes like website and enterprise search and up to natural language, mobile and image search solutions. The most innovations are available in particular segments like social search. Beside this there is an astonishing amount of new q&a search engines. But these mostly have nothing in common with the original approach connecting natural language used for queries and relevant answers being given by machines aka search engines. Rather there are various communities enabling to question someone directly or to post a question, which in some cases is going along with business opportunities to earn money by answer questions posted by others.

Update October: Search Engines and Search Engine Solutions

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