Internet Marketing Review November

The internet marketing review and directory update November includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Software Development and Webmaster Tools. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The image of the November update has been surprising. Already in the summer seasonal fluctuations regarding the launch of new services have been mentioned. This phenomenon now happens again and even stronger while marketers are busy with campaigns. Indeed there have never been such a few new services as within this November update. But the quality is good again.

At all there are some interesting services in the range of social media marketing. To be named first there is sones with GraphDB. It is a database solution, which represents data within graphs to enable fast access. The software is available for various scenarios and primarily scenarious around information management and the social web. Regarding the social web the software depicts the social graph.

Further services concern the management of social media marketing activities. These are Crowdbooster with a social media dashboard to optimize social media marketing campaigns and the already introduced social media marketing suite by MarketMeSuite.

Other innovations are in the range of interactive video and interactive video advertising. blurbIQ is the service offering an interactive video advertising solution and FlixMaster is a new provider to enrich videos with interactivity. The latter is still in beta, but works already with Chrome and Firefox the site states.

Update November: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Software Development, Cloud Computing and PaaS

At software development the situation is completely different with new services all the time. These services and even mentioning the matured internet of today do clearly show the direction of the ongoing development, which of course is determined by innovative services being the foundation for new approaches. Innovations primarily are represented by the cloud computing trend and paas services, which means new services and platforms and a couple of new services to manage such platforms. To force the development the Open Cloud Initiative has been founded to create industry standards. Another trend is the provision of platforms for the mobile software and mobile applications development.

Too interesting is the development of semantic web applications and solutions, where a diversification happens. This diversification is marked by specialization like it is represented by the rNews standard created by the IPTC or providing a solution to the music industry.

Further topics of the update on software development are developer tools, homepage generators as well as open source software.

Update November: Software Development, Cloud Computing and PaaS

Webmaster Tools, Homepage Enrichment and Web Utilities

The update on webmaster tools includes various services for homepage enrichment like chat software, forms or a file upload functions brought by Transloadit. Beside this there are domain services, url shorteners and file sharing services as well as web utilities and performance monitoring services listed.

Update November: Webmaster Tools, Homepage Enrichment and Web Utilities

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