Internet Marketing Review December

The internet marketing review and directory update December includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, B2B Online Trade and Mobile Internet. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

When talking about a boom market with a positive expression like the internet and online media it is not easy to make a positive impression by making negative annotations even if one takes an abstract approach as it happens in online marketing. So it is just remarkable that in a similar way as it happened in the former months there are only a few new and innovative services to be introduced, which gives reason enough to mention this happening. This is due even in the case of this fact being accompanied by new trends. In the former month this lack of innovative online marketing services has been justified by seasonal causes, which might be a reason this month as well. But could there be other causes? Does some forms of consolidation happen in the peripheral of big players like Facebook and Google, which need or reserve a lot of resources or does the occurrence has its reason in the manifold of opportunities available today resulting in some uncertainness or are there economical reasons again?

The term trend has now has been used and such a trend are rich media applications in general and in online marketing. Formerly already mentioned it is exactly this trend representing the innovations of the current update on online marketing.

In particular the yet covered services Iconic Future with its marketplace for virtual items, itself revolving online business models, and the Project Adthenticate by Adobe, a platform on collaboration to create and test the compability of rich media ads, are to be named. To be added is the rich media ad platform RAMP by Rovion. RAMP like the Adobe platform Adthenticate enables the creation and testing of advertising media against particular specifications. The trend towards rich media applications by the way is notable in the socialsphere as well. An example is the new social networking service webdoc introduced at the FOLDEN.INFO eMedia Blog by the article Microblogging with Mix Media Sharing.

A second issue is made by the topic business intelligence and monitoring services regarding social media. There are ThinkUp with a monitoring service for own social media activities and the Retail Social Juice Index providing insights into the social media activities of the retail sector created by Media Logic, which is similar to the introduced Social Business Index.

Update December: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

B2B Online Trade and B2B Deals

The topic b2b is connected seamlessly to the statement above. There is the during topic business networking, which becomes more and more important to enterprises beside conventional marketing approaches and which is covered monthly in the online marketing updates. For the first time the topic b2b deals is part of an update on b2b online markets. The latter is following the boom of deal sites within the consumer segment. Especially to be noted is Dealgecco, a global marketplace on b2b deals.

Update December: B2B Online Trade and B2B Deals

Mobile Internet, Services, Mobile Apps and Software Development

The update on mobile internet includes new services like mobile search engines, mobile social media, games and mobile payment. But the most interesting and innovative part are mobile apps and software and especially the development of mobile apps and software. Again already mentioned formerly within an update on mobile internet the cloud computing trend has entered the mobile sphere. There are no less than five services providing paas platforms or platforms similar to the paas approach providing mobile apps and software development facilities.

In general cloud computing is a hot issue. After introducing the Open Cloud Initiative last month within the update on software development this month the Open Cloud Business Initiative by the Open Source Business Foundation and the Open Cloud Manifesto have been added.

Update December: Mobile Internet, Services, Mobile Apps and Software Development

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