The Influence of Social Media on Revenues

Marketers are still discussing the influence of social media and the lag of being able to measure the success of social media campaigns. Opposed to this social signals are already known to be ranking factors to search engine optimization and the last proof of a positive effect may be a study of the revenues of the fastest growing companies conducted by the Center for Marketing Research at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth.

This study has found that the fastest growing corporations marked by the growth of revenues compared to the Fortune 500 are stronger users of social media instruments. The study also compared the different social media instruments in use. It found a strong adoption of tools being in trend like the most important social and business networks, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as in the case of video YouTube, and the adoption of mobile apps. At the same time former popular tools like blogging, message boards, video blogging, podcasting and MySpace are used less. Blogging and message boards are an exception as these both tools apply to be most successful but seam to have reached their peaks of usage. For more particular data visit the following excerpt and the presentation of the study including an executive summary.

New Social Media Tools Rule

The 2011 Inc. 500 Social Media Update: Blogging Declines As Newer Tools Rule

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