Internet Marketing Review April

The internet marketing review and directory update April includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Mobile Internet and Internet Security. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The April Update represents itself with a broad array of innovations. In part these belong to the realtime web, applications to optimize campaigns and marketing, mobile marketing and of course social media marketing.

Of interest are the various approaches of realtime applications meaning that the realtime web has become a mainstream in online marketing. As already conventional realtime campaign management may become described, which is represented by a new service called Flite. New approaches to use realtime data are shown by geoloqi with a realtime service dedicated to local marketing and Proclivity. Proclivity furthermore combines its realtime advertising services with a new kind of targeting similar to interest or intention based targeting, targeting based on buying power. At least one of the optimization services also has a realtime approach. This is Taykey interestingly using trend research to optimize campaigns.

About mobile marketing it has already been reported to adapt marketing technologies being successful on the web. This trend is going on with services like Adelphic using predictive targeting in the mobile world. Further new services are dedicated to app monetization (Startapp), which at Zumobi is enhanced by an engagement solution. The latter is what SessionM specializes in. Last but not least there are two true innovations, KendoUI with a cross platform mobile app development framework and Sonic Notify, which offers a solution based on ultrasonic to transmit mobile advertising or local content.

The phrase of the integration of various services into new applications may be used for new social media marketing solutions at the same time. There are GraphEffect offering a service for both the management of social media advertising campaigns and conversational marketing and Neiio with its cross platform approach on social commerce and lead generation.

Update April: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Mobile Internet, Apps and Mobile Business

The update on mobile internet comprises app services, app directories and services to create apps, mobile social media services, mobile business and mobile security.

Beside the already mentioned cross platform approach by KendoUI further innovative mobile services are offered by phonedeck, a cloud management service for mobile phones, and Mobilova combining a website 2 mobile converter with services to monetize the created mobile versions of websites.

Last but not least there is a new breed of services, mobile question & answer services dedicated to people seeking local information. Three startups are serving this need, LocalMind, LocalUncle and locql.

Update April: Mobile Internet, Apps and Mobile Business

Internet Security, Anti Virus and Enterprise Security

The topic internet security includes anti virus and firewall services, services on mobile security, enterprise security and website security services.

An observation is the entrance of the crowd sourcing approach to anti virus services, which has formerly been mentioned by the introduction of SocialAV. In a similar way this approach is used by IPfire, an open source firewall, and Immunet, an anti virus and anti malware software.

Furthermore there is a trend towards specialization like specialization in online banking (Online Armor), profile monitoring and data protection on the social web (, monitoring of credit and debit card transactions (BillGuard) and app security (Secunia).

Update April: Internet Security, Anti Virus and Enterprise Security

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