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This article is a review of a couple of the latest mobile internet trends, which summarizes major trends and points to the sources.

Mobile is well known to be rising and comScore describes this trend by mentioning 2011 being the year of breakthrough of mobile media by the broad and ongoing adaption of smartphones. The importance of the mobile web to smartphone users is documented by the Prosper Mobile Insights study having found that internet access is more important than calling or texting.

Some most popular activities beside the popularity of social networking on mobile devices is shopping, where people fulfill more complex tasks like scanning qr codes. Another main activity is watching mobile video, which is responsable for about 42 % of mobile bandwidth.

Of course internet companies are aware of the trend and developing relevant features and services. At first search engines have to be mentioned having developed special mobile crawlers to index mobile sites or displaying site in a comfortable manner.

A further trend is gowing towards the use of local mobile media with 62 % of non lbs users being interested. Marketers again are aware of this trend and bullish about local media apps.

Furthermore the mobile advertising market already became diversified by providing different kind of media with different results and even app store optimization has become a particular discipline in search engine optimization. Despite of this the market is still in an early stage as time spent on mobile media is outpacing the mobile ad spending.

Last but not least a study by PEW Internet provides a view into The Future of Apps and Web and to keep things well and making it a success to all the W3C is organizing online training courses to develop mobile websites.

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