Internet Marketing Review May

The internet marketing review and directory update May includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Finance and Brokerage and Search Engines. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

This month a broad array of different new services is represented with the already being introduced Samsung AdHub being a highlight by enabling appvertising on the smart tv screen and which by this represents a first business model to this new generation of smart tv sets aka to creators of apps. Furthermore the big players in the home entertainment industry become most active in the online media space at all. In autumn last year and going along with the introduction of the new generation of smart tv set similar to the app model of smartphones some manufacturers already introduced cloud services, which now are followed by others and existing services being enriched. So LG and Sony have launched LG Cloud and PlayMemories and Panasonic diversifies by introducing a video production network available in the cloud.

Regarding new services in general the amount of social media marketing services is predominant again starting with a large amount of business networking services including crowd sourcing and funding. Here as well cloud computing with its flexibilty becomes an issue like it happens with the introduction of QuiXilver offering social media marketing solutions and mentioning a growing amount of apps within its self description. Other services like buzzdoes do introduce new business models and in this case a social media marketing solution to spread social apps.

This strong presence having to be described by an ongoing stormy development still is accompanied by further new trends. At first the new social media star Pinterest has to be mentioned, which became a subject to developers to create particular marketing tools and research services to measure the influence. Further trends are audio social networking and video status updates. Whereas to both there are some kind of predecessors like particular serivces similar to podcasting or twitter apps and facilities to make recordings by webcams on audio social networking new services have been introduced and to video by status updates a new quality arrived. An overview of such services is located at the update of Culture, Music, Entertainment.

Update May: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Finance and Online Brokerage

Not really a lot of new stuff has been observed at the update on stock markets, finance and online brokerage. Whereas this reach for sure is not unfriendly regarding information technology the premises are on security and performance. Opposed to this information services rather look like singularities. Beside the for sure important technological premises innovations again are inspired by the social media trend. Innovations in this reach are social networking services specialized in financial topics going along with crowd funding and micro investment services becoming more and more a competition to the established financial world.

Last but not least a broad range of online brokerage services is making an interesting point. These comprise conventional trading of securities, alternate markets including pre ipo trading and numerous forex trading services.

Update May: Finance and Online Brokerage

Search Engines and Search Engine Solutions

Search engines are the last topic of the May update, where despite of the difficult market entry still new services are coming up. An enterprise able to handle this market entry is Amazon having launched Amazon Cloud Search, a scalable search engine solution able to fulfill even challenging demands. Another solution taking care of rare resources may be YaCy, an open source p2p search engine solution.

New search engines on the web e.g. are Stealth, a search engine serving the needs of privacy aware customers, oolone with visualization of search results and attrakt, a new social search engine. Really innovative is by enabling the dedicated and detailed search for profiles.

Update May: Search Engines and Search Engine Solutions

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