Internet Marketing Review June

The internet marketing review and directory update June includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Trade and Photo. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The internet marketing update June shows rather a few but services of high quality. To be named at first again there is the unbroken stream of new crowd funding services, which in this month represent the whole range of business networking services with the exception of menyou, a market place on creative media.

Deeply connected to business networking is content marketing, which is a mayor mean to b2b marketing. KinetiCast is serving this demand with a special service to create presentations. In the range of social media thismoment offers a service to manage social media content.

The typically strong social media marketing segment this month primarily is filled with analytics services and business intelligence based on social media data.

Other innovative services do fulfill particular tasks. There are geoedge with worldwide local targeting and the most innovative service ConTV. ConTV provides a developer platform to create smart tv apps compatible with the different platforms of manufacturers of the new generation of smart tv devices.

Update June: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Trade, Shopping and B2B Markets

New online shopping services are dominated by the most requested goods, which according to latest studies are fashion and lifestyles products. So there are various fashion and designer sites targeting local markets or serving customers worldwide and opposed to the typically large amount of social media marketing services only a few new social shopping services appeared. Most innovative is the classic classifieds market targeting hyperlocal markets and entering the mobile space, as already reported.

Furthermore there is a novum not being possible without the internet, a global market of private renting. The development of this market is astonishing and rapid in a similar way like social networking. After the introduction of a couple of platforms facilitating the mediation of private tours some weeks ago to be complemented by Qraft this update includes platforms on the mediation of accommodations and vehicles. Regarding the platforms on accommodations the global activity is remarkable again.

Last but not least a couple of b2b trading platforms are included.

Update June: Online Trade, Shopping and B2B Markets

Photo Sharing and Processing, Website Applications and Photo Solutions

On the topic photo a large update happened consisting of links gathered within a longer time span and not being part of a former update because of more important marketing topics. These links include photo sharing services, photo processing and business services with stock photography and photo solutions.

Without doubt these services do fulfill particular tasks, but beside pragmatic approaches in the business range real innovations like the popularity of photos on the net lets expect have not been found. This may explain the extraordinary position of rather tiny solutions like the most popular mobile photo sharing app instagram. Thinking about the appearance of this market one may compare the former development with up to date occurrences in social networking and Flickr representing one part and Facebook the other. But reversely Facebook, itself well known for photo sharing being a main activity, is big but not the world.

Update June: Photo Sharing and Processing, Website Applications and Photo Solutions

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