Content Marketing Software by Percolate

Content marketing, the creation and providing of content mostly in connection with the intention to be shared, is one of the most current and important online marketing trends. Percolate now provides an innovative and comprehensive online software suite to automate the usage of existing and the creation of content related to online occurences as well as the distribution and optimization of content.

The whole process starts with the profiling of a company, its subject, marketing intentions and target groups. Based on this profile users get information about related events and ideas to create and to provide content. This happens by an integrated social media monitoring system, which points to current institutionalized events as well as to online occurences and trends. Based on these occurences the application automaticly creates suggestions to get into action by suggesting content creation ideas. This happens in relation to the formerly created profile and intentions of a company by an ongoing flow of information and inspirations followed by the publishing process, which is supported by sharing facilities. The latter happens in time as well as by keeping in mind the particular specifics of the various social networks like short messages on Twitter, tagging on Tumblr or the EdgeRank of Facebook as well as the preferred forms of content like texts, photos, video or even infographics in the b2b segment.

This comprehensive and well designed process of course is supported by analytics facilities at the end to optimize both the process as well as the content. The whole aim and intention of the service is brought to one point at the about site: The appliction supports enterprises to manage the challenges happening today, to manage the change of the several weeks lasting process of the creation of a tv spot broadcasted for several weeks towards the creation of Tweets send out several times a day. To learn more about the features visit the homepage of Percolate.

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