Internet Marketing Review April / May

The internet marketing review and directory update April includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Market Research and Mobile Apps. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The internet marketing update in April is dominated by common and more particular trend topics, data driven advertising and marketing optimization in general and in particular by some topics already recognized as trends but with much less coverage than e.g. big data and social media.

At first this means content marketing services, an issue already mentioned at the blog occasionally like it happened with the blog post about the content marketing solution by Percolate. Beside Percolate at the current update content marketing services by NewsCred, working like a kind of marketplace, swayy, providing content as well but not to be integrated within websites and to be shared in a personalized way, and Synapsify, an application and service to optimize content and in this case content generated by users and content created by employees as well. Furthermore Synapsify is a kind of crm solution enabling to distribute targeted content. Typically such applications are equipped with analytics features to provide personalized, relevant content. Some insights into the mechanism of such services is given at the homepage of Intercom, a realtime service to analyze the use of applications with the additional feature to get in contact immediately.

A further trend with strong demand is marketing automation, which is part of various marketing instruments already. Examples are the optimization of ad media like dynamic banners with local content or in the context of behavioural targeting and up to date offers. Occasionally such services on marketing automation have been part of the marketing update, but in this update a couple of marketing automation services are present. This happens to a typical reach like lead generation and contact management (Contactually), dedicated to the optimization of mobile advertising (Voltari) and similar to crm to automate influencer targeting in social media marketing (TapInfluence).

Another current issue driven by the rising use of html5 and by this a kind of emerging technology is the launch of cross media aka cross channel services. Listed at this update are Tapad providing a cross device advertising solution, Adexcite offering a cross media video advertising solution and StreamHub, a market research service providing multi screen analytics to the media industry.

Last but not least of course social media marketing is present with services dedicated to social media advertising, marketing and analytics. The strongest social media marketing instrument in this month is advocacy and influencer marketing.

At video and beside the already mentioned Adexcite there are the already covered micro video service sociagram and by Viewbix a new interactive video solution.

Update April: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Market Research, Big Data Platforms and Services

At online market research there are three big topics, the always important web analytics now accompanied by special app analytics services, big data and social tv and media analytics as another emerging technology.

Big data just like its name suggests is the strongest topic. It is the development of the infrastructure, which causes this strong presence. But at the same time the lifecycle already entered into another phase. So beside common services and cloud platforms vertical services become launched like Food Genius serving the food industry or semetric serving the entertainment industry.

Update April: Online Market Research, Big Data Platforms and Services

Mobile Apps and App Development

Today mobile mostly means apps and after the market entry of big players like Amazon, Facebook, Google, Mozilla having launched app marketplaces no further app directory seems to be started. A completely different image appears to app development with about ten new services providing platforms, app generators and frameworks. Furthermore the providing of particular features like chat, localization or sharing becomes established as a service offer. Such ready to use modules are offered to developers to be integrated into apps. Last but not least some mobile software news. It is the Rich Communication Suite, a new standard to mobile communications.

Update April: Mobile Apps and App Development

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