Facebook Ads Benchmarking Study

A benchmarking study on the performance of Facebook Ads has been released by the social media advertising service Social.com. Regarding the performance the study is confirming the significant dominance of sponsored ad formats, which is in accordance with the outperforming growth of native ads (s.a. Native Ads will have a growing Market Share). The ctr of the various forms of sponsored ads is on average between two and three percent and by this much higher compared to common display advertising.

Further information of the benchmarking report includes prices of various industries and regions as well as costs of different actions like page like or app install: Facebook Ad Benchmarks Reveal Which Industries Are Getting the Best Click Rates.

Social.com is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a business segment of the crm service Salesforce. For the benchmarking study about one million advertising units and 114 billion ad impressions have been surveyed.

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