Livefyre launches Native Ads Service 2

Livefyre started as a social comment system enabling users to integrate social comments into their sites and services. Today Livefyre is offering a broad range of social media solutions, which operate in realtime and enable publishers to enrich their services which up to date features like realtime streams of aggregate content from Instagram, Twitter, Vine and more. Furthermore Livefyre offers cross media apps even suitable to the emerging world of smart tv. The newest product is a native advertising solution with native ads being a most promising form of advertising in the online world.

The Livefyre Social Native Ad Solutions enables customers to grab their owned and earned media and stream it onto a network of publishing partners. By this the ads will not just reach the typical audience being active on the social web already, but people visiting general sites and by this to reach a broader audience with the promising native ads format. To get further information visit the Livefyre Homepage.

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