Some Trends for 2014

Welcome to the first post in 2014 at this blog and what would be a better start than thinking about the mayor trends? So I have choosen some articles of interest with general trends and especially trends in marketing and media.

Lets start with a review of most viewed articles of 2013. The top 10 of 2013 by OPA Intelligence are giving a clear view. It is all about innovative adverting technologies with „Native advertising rises“ on top followed by „Publishers come around to programmatic“. These topics are followed by articles about new media, Bezos investment in the Washington Post, the prospering mobile internet and digital subscriptions: Top 10 Stories of 2013 (by OPA Intelligence.

If you know the service MarketingCharts, you may wonder like I do about their top 10. MarketingCharts does cover a broad range of topics, but the first five charts of their top 10 are about the behavior of the youth: MarketingCharts’ Top 10 Charts of 2013 (PDF).

Now some predictions and expectations for 2014. At first there is InformITV covering the development of the big screen, which is a most up to date topic regarding the current introductions at the CES 2014. I read already an article that in 2020 mobile devices will be the primary way to watch television (Beware that consumers are demanding on demand availability.). InformITV is thinking in the same direction relying on an improved infrastructure enabling to watch high definition on the move. Furthermore 4k is an issue, already available at YouTube and currently promoted by Google at the CES. Video on demand is included with the management of content happening in the cloud just like Sony introduced lately: Looking forward to developments in 2014.

Last but not least something more general, the „Hundred Things to Watch in 2014“ by JWT Intelligence. They are thinking about trends in the society as well as those in technology and the dependences. There are haptic technologies, the mayor events of 2014 and beside 97 other importants things the first commercial space flight: 100 Things to Watch in 2014.

JWT: 100 Things to Watch in 2014 from JWTIntelligence

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