Audience Targeting with Web and Mobile Ranking

The services of Quantcast are extensive. This is why the title of this post is not distinct. However, both services from Quantcast are comprehensive and should therefore be mentioned. Also, the analytics services are the foundation for audience targeting.

Quantcast provides analytics services for websites and mobile apps for free. By an API interface, the data are made ​​available to clients. Related to the term audience targeting not just visitors are counted but also demographic data and information about lifestyle are collected. By the analytics services users get deep insights into their website and mobile app visitors. Some insights on the scope of the services as well as a global view of popular sites on the web and the reach of mobile apps is given by the rankings feature. These figures are provided on a global level assorted by countries.

This comprehensive view of the happenings on the web and mobile Internet is the basis for audience targeting, which by definition of the IAB combines data about behavior, demographics and other technical data to be utilized for targeting. According to a recent study this form of targeting is already used by 80 – 90% of advertisers. Third party data are preferred, which also suggests the quality of the services of Quantcast. The data collected by Quantcast are detected not only in real time but also allow predictions about the future behavior, which of course may lead to advertising contacts just in the right moment. To get further information visit the homepage of Quantcast.

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