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Use your Logo do make a Barcode

This is a great idea, using the logo as a barcode. SnapTag by Spyderlink is the solution to make just this. The Spyderlink solution takes the logo and surrounds it with a code ring. Both is unique and by variations of the code ring even different destinations or information is possible. And the service does […]

Easy QR Code Generator

This is the easist qr code generator I have ever seen. The QR Core homepage consists just of a form. One may type in the information, text or url or the like, and choose the size of the qr code. By a click the code will be generated to be downloaded, embedded or linked. Nothing […]

Using URL Shorteners bundled with QR Codes

QR Codes and scanning barcodes are popular with mobile users to get additional information about anything or to get particular information about products. By being a popular feature, qr codes are a valuable mobile marketing mean. Lately a couple of articles reported about the popular and comfortable url shortener service bit.ly offering the automated creation […]

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