Internet Video with DVR Functions

Cool Stuff., an internet live video streaming site, has introduced a dvr functionality for time shifting. So if there is a need to take a break, one may click on a link and proceed viewing the stream later on. A function that is most similar or equal to time shifting on a video recorder device. The time shifting function is located just below the live video player by a link called „Continue watching this later…“.

There is no example by an embedded video in this post, because the videos are live of course and it does not make sense to embed an example. To check out this feature visit one of the channels at and have a look for the link below the video player.

By the way, do you know how this site has started? This is a funny story. I heard that the guy operating this site struggled with his first internet business. Than he started to walk around with a webcam on his head. Now is one of the most popular live video streaming sites.

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