Online Media Player with Video Converter, Download and Sharing Functions

Do you know the RealPlayer? It is a media player for audio and video by an internet pioneer. But it has become a bit quite around the software by all that video sharing sites around, which mostly do use the flash format. I have not found any statistics about the market share, but know that the mobile version is installed at least on Nokia phones and found some news from March telling that Real is offering the Google Chrome Browser bundled with its software.

Now Real has introduced a new version of the RealPlayer, the RealPlayer SP. This player has some great up to date features, which enable to download videos from video sharing sites and to share videos at Facebook and Twitter directly from within the software. Further features are an included media converter, which may be used for mobile video.

The RealPlayer SP is available in a beta version and free to download at

If you are interested in the related press release: Introducing RealPlayer SP …

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  1. No doubt FLV format has quickly established itself as the format of choice for embedded video on the web.

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