Collaborative Search Engine includes Realtime Social Web Results

The search engine Scour, which started as a collaborative search, now displays results from the realtime web, too. The realtime results do appear within the regular result pages, which are gathered by the meta search facility of Scour from other search engines and rated by members. The realtime results are based on a cooperation with the realtime search engine OneRiot, which delivers information on posts and other media like video.

Scour Integrates Realtime Search Results

Today by the fast moving development of the social web various forms of social search engines have been developed already. To help to understand the classification and terms used in general and especially at this blog and the directory here is a brief introduction to this subject.

The term social search at first probably has been used in the context of social bookmarking. These bookmarks are gathered and shared by members of a service and mostly accessible by a search function. Another form often combined with bookmarks or the like are ratings by users, who vote for particular articles, sources or search results. These search engines may be described by the term collaborative search as it is done within the blog post above by Scour. The newest form of social search engines are the realtime search engines, which do enable the access to information and conversations on the social web in realtime.

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