Status Updates with Videos is a social media service, which is not easy to describe. Is it a video service for status updates or a social media service for status updates with video? A visit of reminds on a first visit to the early Twitter and by the popularity of internet video has potential, too. Lately a new video format has been introduced named TV offering a new sight of people and things.

The clou of are videos of just 4 second length and without audio. These are called calling cards and placed within profile pages similar to aggregator services. These calling cards may be used for status updates on other social networks including the videos.

Now, two month after the launch and having above 100000 members, has introduced a new video feature similar to a video wall, the TV. Who likes art for sure will enjoy to have a look at this Fluxus like feature. To find TV it not easy to find and needs some clicks from the homepage to be reached. The link Statusphere within the homepage leads to an overview of the members profiles. Up from here a triangle is located at the upper right with the inscription TV. By a click on this triangle the TV site appears with tags, which is available to all profile pages. Here is an example: katjahrastar is a service by Particle, a company specializing in tiny things. A similar product of the company, the service smirk is dedicated to enable video within avatars. The smirk homepage at is already referring to the homepage and might be a part of it already. But there is a smirk project homepage at

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