Live Streaming in HD for Free and for Businesses

Dyyno is a live streaming service that has launched in August. The service is offering its application for personal and professional usage. Now the offers have been updated with free personal accounts, ReadWriteWeb reports.

The service is based on p2p technology (s. Wikipedia for an explanation of Peer to Peer) and works by a plugin to display video. The streams are displayed on a user page at the Dyyno service. Further features are video on demand and web tv. The app is very easy to handle, ReadWriteWeb wrote, just by dragging a logo of the installed app onto an open window to start to stream the content displayed within the window.

Dyyno writes it is the first hd p2p platform and ReadWriteWeb states it is the only platform enabling to stream live hd video for free. Even the business accounts are inexpensive with $ 100 for a business account and $ 1000 for a broadcast account. The free personal account is already able to serve 100000 concurrent viewers.

Get further information by the review of ReadWriteWeb and at the Dyyno homepage.

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